Review: 'Gypsy Escapades' by William Jackson 

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  • Gypsy Escapades
    by William J. Jackson
    Rupa Publications India

Gypsy Escapades is sometimes a leisurely travelogue, sometimes a roller-coaster escapade. It's narrated by Jill, a mouthy American graduate student doing research on the Gypsy population in Chennai, India. She expects to be helped by her father’s '60s college roommate at the University of Virginia, Dr. Venkataraman Rao.

With a government service portfolio along with a professorship at the university in New Delhi, Rao is a deceptively shadowy figure. Intrigue sets in immediately after Jill lands, disoriented and disgruntled, blasted by “the hot air... almost knocking you over onto the tarmac.”

What follows is a page turner replete with a colorful cast of characters priming you for the succeeding suspense novels Jackson is setting in India.

A retired IUPUI professor who taught courses in comparative religion, Jackson spent three and half years in India and has written books on South Indian bhakti and literature.


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