Review: Grey Granite x 90 lbs, 'Playfair' 

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Grey Granite x 90Lbs
3 stars

PlayFair, the latest EP by Indianapolis electro-hip-hopper Grey Granite, will make you move, but with its bland subject matter, simple hooks and nonsensical sound bytes and studio chatter, it's not much of a sit-down-and-listen sort of experience.

Granite opts for a club vibe on three tracks of self-promotion —"Hello Worlds," "Buttons mcboom boom," and "Never Come Down." But PlayFair is strongest when Granite settles into the pocket of a glitch-hop beat and addresses issues beyond himself via his laid-back, Lupe Fiasco-inspired flow.

In the end, producer 90Lbs, who created the EP's crinkling electronic soundscapes, makes the strongest contribution to the project.

"Can We Move On," a thought-provoking track about hatred and misunderstanding is the EP's deepest, most intimate effort. The song begins with Granite opining, "I'm not an atheist, but that doesn't mean that I believe in all these wars created by men with holy books in their hands."

"Critical Mass," on which Granite puts aside the party-pop style and delivers a straightforward message against those criticizing his hard work ("Fuck you critics you don't get it, till it's gotten, then it's gone"), is another strong track.

"Know Telling," the oddball of the album, features Indy's Freddie Bunz flowing over ambient noise. It's an unconventional success.

Hear: a full-album stream of Playfair via Soundcloud

Grey Granite x 90LBS - PLAYFAIR by greygranite


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