Review: End with a bang 

My Cinderella Story, Apple Juice, Drawing Board, The Foster Portfolio
Emerson Theatre
Saturday, Nov. 11

Last Saturday night, My Cinderella Story, Apple Juice, Drawing Board and The Foster Portfolio shared the stage at the Emerson Theatre. The show started at 7:30 with MCS exploding onto the stage, performing songs like “Take Two” (yes, it’s about the Olsen Twins), “Eighty K” and “Living The Dream,” a song about, well, doing exactly what they were doing. After just recently replacing their bassist and adding a lead singer, the band played their mix of pop/punk songs with the same energy their fans have come to know and love.

Next up was Apple Juice, described by a fan as “Nintendo goes grind-core.” Make what you want of that. Consisting of just two singers and an iPod, Apple Juice’s set consisted of high squeals from one singer and low growls from the other. The backup music was like what would happen if you put your Gameboy in a blender with a few Pantera CDs. The members of Apple Juice seemed to care very little that fans were brawling on stage while one singer did back flips off the drum riser and repeatedly landed on his back.

At 8:30, Drawing Board took the stage and jumped right into new material showcasing their most recent addition, Ryan Burtch on vocals, and then onto older songs like “Is This Really Goodbye?” and “A Heart Can Be A Hard Thing To Bury” from their latest EP, Wait Until Sunrise. Remaining light-hearted, the band played into a heckler’s comment about them being a “Spicole cover band” and flew their mix of catchy guitar hooks with heartfelt lyrics.

Taking to the stage last, The Foster Portfolio performed their complex blend of “indie/emo” (as described by their MySpace). With soaring vocals and better guitar playing than your weird older cousin, TFP definitely wins the award for most professional band of the night. Playing in support of their new demo, the band performed “Reap the Whirlwind,” “Instructions For Survival” as well as a few older ones. Ending the show with a bang, The Foster Portfolio yet again put on another stunning live performance.

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