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When Digital Tape Machine, Cosby Sweater, and Dexterous Roy put on a show together, there's no way that that a person's electronic dance itch isn't scratched. All bands exhibited beat heavy jams during their Thursday night show at the Vogue as it ran late into the night.

Igniting the evening, Cosby Sweater was simply full-blown horn, beats, and drums. Nick Gerlach shredded on the saxophone by fulfilling the leading man role, and stuffing the theater to the brim with his waxy notes. DJ Embryonic Fluid, and drummer Robert "Sleepy" Floyd held the rhythm sections down with ease, as they showed the less-than-full concert hall what a sonic barrage feels like. After a bit of time spent performing their standard hip-hop and dubstep beats mixed with their woodwind driven fare, the guys began showcasing their new holiday album material. Now, being the holiday music purist that I am, I found it difficult to really sink my teeth into this project. Throw on the Home Alone soundtrack for the holidays, and I'm jubilant until Christmas day. However, I will say that their spin on holiday tunes was unlike any other I'd ever experienced -- just don't play it for your children. True to their title, the saxophonist and DJ both donned emblematic Bill Cosby sweaters. Yes, the kind that the JELLO-loving, wisdom-dropping sitcom star would wear on his ancient, but timeless sitcom. Slowly towards the end of their set, the venue began to fill up as it approached Dexterous Roy's time.

The slot between Cosby Sweater and Digital Tape Machine was punched out by a beat-laden electronic set performed via Dexterous Roy. Hip-hop, dance and electronica definitely fueled their sound on stage. This set could be characterized by their subtlety, as they were not overly attention-seeking or sonically charged. They kept it relatively low-key, like one of those bands you could catch at a late night set during Summer Camp and probably forget about a few minutes later. The growing anticipation for Digital Tape Machine was beginning to culminate as Dexterous Roy finished their time.

As Digital Tape Machine mosied on to stage, even the wallflowers of the venue rushed to the floor. The guys were ready to dazzle and mesmerize the crowd with their glowing lights, zappy lasers and heady beats. It was an EDM fanatic's dream come true. Pulling everyone to the floor with their vocal samplings and synth beats, these fellas jumped right on path with the rest of the evening's preliminary offerings. This six-piece band's genetic make up is that of jam-band super groups. Umphrey's Mcghee, Strange Arrangement, Liquid Soul, Land of Atlantis, and The Hue all have contributing members, who give this band their virtual ethos. Taking the listeners on a subterranean, sonic journey seemed to be the overall ambition of the band, as they plugged along on their respective instruments. As they wielded both analog and digital devices, the guys from Digital Tape Machine brought fans of EDM a night of electronic endeavors to The Vogue.

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