Review: April Fools' at SpaceCamp 

3.5 stars

SpaceCamp MicroGallery; through April 30.

SpaceCamp co-founder Flounder Lee was getting ready to drive to the airport to pick up renowned German artist Anke Deichen when he got a call from his co-gallerists. "There is no Anke Deichen," they said. "We invented him." But why, then, is the work of this artist — "Stare Silo Googly Eyes," which features googly eyes pasted on photos of silos — on view in the gallery? Well, just consider the title of this show. The curators, in the spirit of April Fools' Day, not only concocted Deichen from thin air but also his art.

The unfunny corollary to this particular entry is that it's voguish these days to slap anything together with some kind of opaque explanation attached and call it "conceptual." Fortunately, this show avoids such opaqueness. The artists involved here are all impersonating famous artists in their work.

Consider the work of Ellen Wetmore "as Pablo Picasso." Her video, riffing on Cubism, shows cubes of various body parts being manipulated on screen. My prize for the messiest entry goes to Leah Foster. Posing as Lynda Benglis, she splattered cupcake batter outside the gallery entrance (to the landlord's annoyance).

Prize for most shocking goes to Matti Havens who, riffing on Magritte's "This is not a Pipe," had on display a video entitled "This is Not a Rooster," showing a live rooster getting its head chopped off.


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