click to enlarge Andrew Koeling, "Abjuration of the Ascetic, One without Measure"

Andrew Koeling, "Abjuration of the Ascetic, One without Measure"

Review: Andrew Koeling: Acute Acts of Defiance 


Andrew Koeling builds up his wall-hanging works of epoxy, layer upon layer on canvas, impregnating each layer with designs in acrylic and ink. The ink and the acrylic contort and bleed as the work is being created so there's an element of chance to how things come out.

The process of creation is interesting in itself and the final products have a three dimensionality that would look very cool inside hip places of worship, mimicking stained glass with their glossy surfaces. Certain pieces might remind you of Neptune's atmosphere. Or conjure microcosmic Edens that can be found on the tips of all our noses. Or wherever your imagination will take you.

But to title this exhibition "Acute Acts of Defiance" while underscoring that definition with verbose wall text seems a little over the top to me. This process-based abstraction is not an artistic call to arms by a long shot.

Through Jan. 30 at Art Bank


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