Review: Andrew Bridges at French Bleu 

click to enlarge Work by Andrew Bridges, featured this month at French Bleu.
  • Work by Andrew Bridges, featured this month at French Bleu.

Using both 35mm and pinhole cameras, as well as a complex developing process, Andrew Bridges creates mysterious images in which time itself seems to warp and bend. Witness his "Ghost," a black and white pinhole photograph with what you might describe as a three-dimensional shadow of a human figure as the subject.

Such effects are too complex, really, to describe in this short space. Suffice to say that they are achieved with a mixture of darkroom chemistry and imagination. No digital manipulation is employed; rather, Bridges employs the term "passive recovery" to describe his style of photography, which he claims is unique.

Witness his set of five photographs called "Tracks," you see rectangular images of train tracks set one on top of the other. Each set of tracks is pictured in a different way, with different lighting, with different darkroom effects that seem to age the photographs significantly. But the overall cumulative effect is compelling, perhaps leading you to wonder at what time of day (or in what century) these photos were taken. It is the sense of mystery that Bridges creates here that encourages your active engagement, and that might warp and bend your imagination if you allow it. Through May 30 at French Bleu Gallery

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