Review: Aak Lengkeek, The Tracks of Time 

click to enlarge Aak Lengkeek, "Dolphin Street Blues"
  • Aak Lengkeek, "Dolphin Street Blues"

Born in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, just before WWII - and just before German bombs razed the city - Aak Lengkeek nows something about the impermanence of man-made structures.

Many of Langkeek's his large canvases depicting crumbling pavement of sidewalks and roads greet your gaze at a perpendicular angle, such as the aptly titled "Entropy," which depicts the total decay of a sidewalk into shards of broken concrete.

Other compositions such as "Dolphin Street Blues" hit at the world beyond through foreshortening and other effects. This painting both the blue-toned bricks of a sidewalk and the patches of luminous red interspersed among them, like puddles of water reflecting a sunset.

And in "Dialogue," you can see, at the top of the canvas depicting a deranged sidewalk, the luminous blue glint of a horizon line. There's a trompe l'oeil effect that might make you think there's a 3D dimension to his oil and acrylic on canvas paintings; it can seem as if his canvases are built of brick and crumbled concrete.



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