Reggie Wayne's top five training camp entrances 

Once again, Reggie Wayne has made The Grand Entrance at the start of training camp. (More on this year’s stunt in mere sentences.) His previously-shredded ACL now all healed up and cleared by The Grand Wizards of Knee Injuries, ol' No. 87 talks the talk of a man ready to catch for another 1300+ yards this season.
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Back to the trip in to camp, however: to honor the return of Reggie to the active roster, let’s run down Reggie Wayne’s Five Greatest Camp Entrances:

5. The Indy Car, 2014

This was Reggie’s latest entrance, in an Indy Car two-seater piloted by local driver Ed Carpenter. The only reason it didn’t rank higher: WHY DIDN’T IT HAPPEN SOONER?

We get it, though – the knee’s all healed up and he’s ready to GO and GO FAST.

4. The Humvee, 2012

Reggie honors the Indiana National Guard. ‘Cause it’s all about the troops, dammit. (SNIFF.)
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3. The Taxi (with Edge), 2002

Then-running-back Edgerrin James split a ride with Reggie from Indy to the Colts’ old training camp locale in Terre Haute. The media attention surely gave No. 87 ideas about making an entrance.

“The cab driver, Yancy Jackson, became an immediate celebrity after ferrying James to camp. It turns out he's the cab driver with the most speeding tickets in Indianapolis.”

2. On the back of a Giant Bald Eagle that had just ripped out Bill Belichick’s liver

OK, this hasn’t happened. Yet. A boy can dream, though, right?
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1. The Dump Truck, 2009

In 2009, Reggie decided to load up on the blue-collar metaphors, showing up for camp in a dump truck. The lunch box was fun, the hard hat was brilliant, but if anyone ever had any doubt that Wayne had Big Giant Onions, check out the moment he refers to Peyton Manning as the team janitor. That’s called “Being confident you’re NEVER getting cut.”


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