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"Puritan Politics" is a warning to us all (Cover, Oct. 19-26). I challenge our religious zealots to

"Puritan Politics" is a warning to us all (Cover, Oct. 19-26). I challenge our religious zealots to admit they have not read their own "good" book cover to cover. I've not found anyone who has. They have not read the ugly passages in Deuteronomy in which their god orders the murders of men, women, children and babies, or his acknowledgment that he is a jealous and vengeful god. Hardly godly traits. The real truth is conveniently overlooked in all halls of religion: No one can honestly verify or authenticate or substantiate what Scripture says as being the "truth." That the book itself says it's truthful is laughable if not preposterous! It's a trillion-dollar industry, and millions of gullible people haven't even read the text! Should we be fortunate enough to escape with our honesty, justice, integrity and compassion intact after these fanatically-religious people pass on, perhaps brains, not Bibles will restore order in our religion-inspired chaos. Meanwhile, demand they read their own book, including Deut. 3:3-6; 4:3, 24; 5:19; 6:15; 7:2, 23; 28:53, 55, 57; Samuel 15:3; Judges 1:19; 2:14; Joshua 5:2; Genesis 19:36; Luke 12:51, 52, 53; 14:26. For readers into biblical foreskin fetishes, try more Deuteronomy. Bob Corya Indianapolis

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