Punk vs. Goth 

The Melody Inn
Saturday, Jan. 12

“Man, this next song is so punk it makes my ass hurt!” shouts Dru, lead singer of Order of the Black Hand. You know the show is onto something when the butthurt has begun and it ain’t even midnight.

Punk vs. Goth! Been quite a while since we had one of these Goth invasions of Punk Rock Night (every Saturday night at the Melody Inn), but it’s a natural fit. Goth and punk have always been kissing cousins of the musical world, and the leather and spikes tend to mesh nicely with the fishnets and lace and all.

First up was Indy’s own Order of the Black Hand. Not halfway before the first verse, the frontman was already on the audience floor smashing his way into the crowd like he owned the place, pretty damn well setting the tone for the rest of the night. OotBH is classic punk/Goth stuff, right from the days of Sid Vicious on up.

From Chicago came Project 44, bringing full-throated, in-your-face stuff, and heady craziness from the glory days of industrial, back before anybody ever heard of the thing, before anyone had ever even heard of Trent Reznor. Not to mention samples of what honestly sounded like Stephen Hawking’s voice synthesizer. And closing out the night was the classical full-on Goth feel of Indy’s Danz Poeta.

Punk vs. Goth continues — a winner never declared, just a friendly war that goes on and on.

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