NUVO Interview: We Are Hex drummer Brandon Beaver 

After spending their first few months as a three-piece, We Are Hex have added a fourth member and are sporting a more expansive sound.

The band formed in April 2007 after the breakup of hardcore punk outfit Ari.Ari. We Are Hex dropped the guitar from Ari.Ari.’s instrumentation, giving the new band a denser, bass-driven sound. Singer Jill Weiss shed her mercurial, uninhibited stage persona for a more withdrawn approach. She also started playing keyboards, giving We Are Hex more sonic depth than Ari.Ari. ever had.

For drummer Brandon Beaver, We Are Hex serves as an opportunity to veer a bit from Ari.Ari.’s hectic, chaotic song structures.

“We do want to have a pop song foundation to every song we write,” Beaver said. “We just want to slip in a bunch of mistakes and mess it up some … If there is one thing we are aware of though, it’s our songwriting. We just try to do something a little different every time we sit down.”

Reimagining the pop song has become the modus operandi for We Are Hex. Beaver says that, since guitarist Matt Hagan and bassist Trevor Wathen joined the group, “We are back on that track.”

Beaver said that in terms of productivity, not much has changed from his days in Ari.Ari.

“Ari.Ari. was very productive on the playing out and touring aspect, as that was my whole goal for the band,” Beaver said. “We Are Hex is productive on the songwriting and recording side. We are constantly doing both and that is what’s keeping us happy right now.”

Beaver admitted that his goal-oriented approach to Ari.Ari. contributed to the demise of the group. So for We Are Hex, both he and Weiss have allowed things to settle down a bit.

“Jill and I’s approach and goals for the band have changed completely I think,” Beaver said. “We don’t really have a plan and have accepted that. We have been letting our hands do more of the work rather than our heads. I like it.”


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