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Video game reviews

Video game reviews
Enter the Matrix 4 1/2 stars Enter the Matrix is a wildly entertaining video game that is far more fun than the movie, and represents the best translation so far of the slow-motion spin-kicking “Matrix style” to video gaming. Players take the roles of Ghost and Niobe (Anthony Wong and Jada Pinkett Smith) on their own high-octane missions alongside the film’s plot. The crisp game play and hellacious John Woo two-fisted shooting dives capture the spirit of wild Hong Kong movie action better than any game this year. An involving story and cut-scenes featuring the entire main Matrix cast don’t hurt, either. Highly recommended. —Paul F. P. Pogue Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick 2 1/2 stars The newest gaming incarnation of Evil Dead doesn’t quite suck as much as the last one, which was a cut-rate ripoff of Resident Evil, but still falls short. Players once again take the role of shotgun-toting chainsaw-armed Ash (voiced by Bruce Campbell), saving the world from hordes of the walking dead. It’s great fun to walk around and hack things with Ash’s chainsaw, but the poor level design leads to too much wandering around aimlessly. This would have been a great game for the PS1; as it is, it’s merely adequate. (Video game rentals courtesy of Game World, Inc.)

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