Projected Curiosity: Installation and Automated Sculpture by Jeffrey S. Martin and Brose Partington 


The Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, iMOCA, has moved to the Murphy Art Center — enter under the M marking the outside of the building — to what is dubbed the "Temporary Contemporary", at least until Spring 2011. Then a permanent home for the museum is scheduled to be unveiled at the corner of Virginia Avenue and McCarty Street. Murphy building co-owner Craig Von Deylen is the local architect and developer of iMOCA's 6,500-square foot future. But for now, the 2,000-square foot Murphy site, former home of Galerie Penumbra, has been revamped: a maple wood floor replaces carpet, and a large, front gallery emerges from the removal of a former office and an archway-filled wall. The result is a cleanly designed space — much like a blank canvas — ready for iMOCA to reinvent itself with artwork curated by Jeremy Efroymson, who has returned to overseeing the museum, plus guest curators.

"Here, there is more of a sense of place where we can be part of a neighborhood," said Efroymson about the relocation to the Fountain Square Cultural District. Increased foot traffic is an improvement compared to iMOCA's last home of five years on Senate Avenue. Fountain Square, Indianapolis, and the arts community are ready to be creatively challenged. This first exhibition featuring Indianapolis-based artists Jeffrey S. Martin and Brose Partington is a smart start, and a reminder that cutting edge art is in our own backyard. Both artists build sculptures employing everyday objects, each connecting viewers through experiences, associations, history, movement or sound.

Martin's crowd favorite, "Switch", is a whimsical, poetic wall installation of 512 automatic light sensor nightlights turned off until triggered by movements of attendees and objects passing in front of ambient light cast by two slide projectors. Suddenly shadows dramatically radiate, like joyous reminders that light equates to energy and life.

Martin's other interactive installation, "Conditioning p2", is a motorized MRI-reminiscent machine (reviewed during last summer's Installation Nation) that reminds one of the fragility of life. Partington's work relevantly comments on contemporary issues, especially through titles like "Goodbye Dubai". His motorized "Drop in the Bucket" ingeniously cycles a steel ball through a drill-like form, down a PVC pipe, through a temporary wall, and out a spout into a pail. "Rocky Trading" is a fabricated metal tightrope-like form in iMOCA's front window. Moving back and forth on a flexing metal line is a gold metal cone — like a party hat — with a rhinestone-embellished sphere dangling from its base. Fun yet poignant, one can't help but relate imagery of a wrecking ball or New Year's Eve ball to Wall Street: Will the ball drop and when? Through January 16. 317.450.6630,

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