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Pizzle, The Indigents, Lost
Bubba’s Bowling Club
Saturday, Dec. 11

Saturday night was the second show for the new all-ages Punk Rock Night, nicknamed (to the dismay of promoter Bonnie Blue) PRN Junior, the little brother of the over-21 PRN, which had its four-year anniversary this October. I was surprised when I entered. After seeing more than 200 people at the grand opening the week before, I was expecting around 100, or at least 50 — but, at best, there were only about 35. Maybe it was the bands, who weren’t as well-known as Flatfoot 56 or the Jabs the week before. I only knew one Pizzle song, and nobody I talked to even knew that much. I found out that Legbone, a band that was supposed to play, had cancelled, and Deadbeat Betties showed up and considered filling in but apparently changed their minds and left.

The show started over an hour late in hopes that more people would show up, but around 8 o’clock, Pizzle finally started to play and although they had a lot of energy, the audience wouldn’t return it. By the end of their set, only a few people were left standing, and those just around the edges. The Indigents played next, and although they had a strong set, their brand of fast punk almost seemed generic from the same problem: No one would react. The final group, a band called Lost who had volunteered to fill the empty spot, was a bit depressing. The audience seemed even more detached by their sound, which was reminiscent of Nirvana and, overall, the one person who seemed to be having fun was the guy who had just beaten his friend at duckpin bowling.

When there’s almost no audience, it’s hard to perform, and it’s even worse when the few people who show up won’t even move. Next week, Two Bit Terribles (with two former members of BYD), Torg, Up! Scumbag and Hatesville are playing at Bubba’s for PRN.

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