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Primary Colours' TOYS is an annual gift to artists, viewers, and charities alike. ARTBOX owner Jason Myers provided Primary Colours free gallery space and waived the gallery's commission, so artists receive all sales proceeds. Second Helpings benefits from donations of dried pasta donated by attendees. This year's seventh exhibition contains work by 20 artists invited to create objects based on playthings that, at their best, rekindle and reinvent our memories and perceptions of toys. Strongest works paired the toy theme and dark humor to comment on contemporary culture and interact with viewers' imaginations, such as Blythe Hager's "Terror on Wall Street" stick-n-play set. Dane N. Sauer's "adult" toy, "Wooly Winnie", is a wink and a nod to the retro Wooly Willy magnetic face. Sauer's version lets a viewer move metal shavings with a magnetic hand-carved wood dowel to reveal two hand-traced female nudes in a hand-engraved leather casing. From afar, the clever, well-crafted set could be taken as a pen and ledger on an office desk. Corey Jefferson's ceramic "Millennium Falcon", modeled after half of its namesake, emerges as two, matte black, rising mountainous peaks patterned with imprints of LEGOS. Rather than reminiscent of the expected space age feel, the work is evocative of an ancient earth landmark, like burial mounds. 317.955.2450,,

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