Presidential political lethargy 

I thought NUVO’s recent presidential campaign coverage (Cover, “Primary Matters,” April 2-9) put an excellent face on Indiana’s May primary. Except during the 1960s, Indiana has always been a study in presidential political lethargy. What also gives us pause for excitement and reflection is the possibility of our favorite son, Sen. Evan Bayh, being selected as a running mate for Clinton. Recently, I mulled this over with a group of friends from Gary and East Chicago. The members of the group were all over the age of 60, and included: three white males, one white female, three African-American females and one female Hispanic voter. We all wondered if Bayh, now knowing about the Clinton “racial code” type of politics, would have been such an early announced super delegate for Clinton. We didn’t think so. But, time will tell. It is likely that Obama will enter the nominating convention with a delegate lead.

If it appears that the Clintons will be trying to commit political larceny and steal the nomination, we believe that it will be the most divisive event since the Civil War. We all hope that Sen. Bayh will take the moral high road and put the interests of the voters first. For the record, our little Democratic caucus voted 7 for Obama and 1 for Clinton.  Your readers can speculate about who cast the vote for Clinton.

Jim Ladd

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