Political sign faux pas 

Don"t these people understand?

Don"t these people understand?
Unless you"re in your Dick Cheney hidey-hole, you know it"s election time because political advertisements are everywhere. Yesterday, I saw a semi parked by the State Fairgrounds with a giant Tom Schneider for Sheriff sign. And every time you turn on the TV you see a commercial for a candidate.
This is all predictable, but the one political advertisement strategy that gets me is the planting of yard signs. Now, I don"t mind a homeowner expressing him or herself this election season. They can support their candidate with a yard sign - it"s their right as citizens. No, what ticks me off is how many signs they put up. I"ve seen yards with two or three signs, proclaiming their beloved candidates. In fact, there are a couple of houses in my neighborhood that occupy an intersection which means they have four signs - two on one street, two on the other. Today, on the way to work, I saw a big house on Meridian that had FIVE. Don"t these people understand the concept of redundancy? Or do they think they"re fooling the bystander and cardriver into thinking there"s more support than there truly is? Don"t these overzealous homeowners realize that their surfeit of signs is having the opposite effect? This election, instead of researching the philosophies of the candidates or even checking out their party affiliation, I"m going to vote for the candidates whose supporters have planted but ONE sign in their yard. So far, Frank Anderson and Julia Carson, whoever they are, will get my nod, because when their signs appear, there"s only one. I won"t vote for Jim Atterholt, because in my neighborhood, there is no greater violator of my newly-formed esthetic. I don"t know his party affiliation, nor do I know what he stands for. All I know is that his campaign people have handed out too many signs to too few people. Think about it. It"s like that scene in Beau Geste, where the few remaining soldiers defending the fort prop up a bunch of dead soldiers to appear as if there"s more resistance than actually exists. That"s what the Jim Atterholt supporters are communicating to me. There"s not enough of them. They have to overdo it.

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