Pit bulls not the problem 

Mayor Bart Peterson is again calling for the banning of pit bulls, just as he did one year ago. Once again, his proposal is in RESPONSE to recent injuries. When he supported the same legislation last May, the City-County Council took nearly six months to research the effectiveness of such ordinances. What the council discovered is that the real problem lies with the irresponsible owners of the dogs who openly and repeatedly disregard city laws governing pet ownership.  

What the mayor is failing to acknowledge is that his agency, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, the city agency responsible for enforcing animal-related laws, has been languishing for years under his administration. There has been nothing short of a revolving door on the IACC administrator’s office, filled with political appointment after political appointment. Meanwhile, the employees of IACC have remained under-funded, under-staffed and under-trained with little or no support from the Mayor’s Office.  

The mayor has failed to take animal control seriously and now our community is faced with the very real problem of too many dogs in the hands of too many criminals and a city agency ill-equipped to handle the situation. Our citizens should not have to live in fear of stray or dangerous dogs when there are effective laws in place to prevent injury. All of the dogs involved in the recent incidents have been in violation of the city ordinances.  

Indianapolis Animal Care and Control falls directly under Mayor Peterson’s leadership. If the ordinances are not being enforced and citizens are being injured, Mayor Peterson has nobody but himself to blame.  

Stacey Coleman
President, Indy Pit Crew



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