Photographs by John D. and Joslyn Virgin Crowe: "Life Has Moments" visual art review 

As often happens to couples with a newborn, the Crowes (who now run Crowe's Eye Photography out of the AV Gallery) found they couldn't travel like they used to. For John, this meant he couldn't photograph like before. So instead of photographing mountains out West, he focused his digital camera on everyday objects in his backyard. In "Old Ways," you see old rusted tools such as circular saw blades and a mallet on a rusted square of steel. It's a sort of still life digital photo -- evocative of another era -- that would be extremely difficult to replicate in film. The resolution is so true to life that you might think that the depicted saw blade is resting on the top of the photo. Joslyn's addition to this show is a photo diary of their little girl, now 11 months old. Through Aug. 22; 317-356-3776,


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