Pasty white liberals 

After the last two presidential elections, liberals insisted that many blacks are such dolts they be

After the last two presidential elections, liberals insisted that many blacks are such dolts they become disoriented and fail to vote if they so much as imagine seeing a flare in the road. Additionally, pasty white liberals have suggested blacks have such short attention spans and lack of civic duty they forgo voting in the face of long lines at the polls.

It is interesting to read white liberals who labor under the impression they’re spokespeople for minorities all the while trumpeting what complete dullards they are.

And now, writing a new chapter of Lets Show How Much We Care About Minorities by Insulting Them comes NUVO writing intern Jennifer Dawson as she recounts a public meeting with former Congressman Lee Hamilton concerning voter ID cards (First Person, “The Real ID,” Nov. 23-30). It was precisely when she described herself as having an “inquisitive mind” I knew old man Hamilton was in for it!

After spending a third of her column making sure everyone is crystal clear she is simply an innocent, wide-eyed college girl (“perky” shall we say) and Hamilton is shrouded in suspicion, Dawson immediately goes to phase II: insulting blacks.

Speaking of the required documents to obtain a voter ID, Dawson asks, “How likely is it … people of color have any of these documents, or the ability to obtain them?” I’m going out on a limb here, but I imagine it is HIGHLY likely that blacks are quite competent to perform this task with which whites have no problem.

Well, at least daddy’s little girl didn’t call them the dreaded N word. However, if she had, I imagine she would have been a lamb and substituted a * for the i like that nice Stevie Hammer does when he feels the need to lecture conservatives on what a bunch of racists they are.

The “spunky” Dawson aces her lesson by following the basic tenants of liberal “reporting.” First inject yourself into the story because, as everyone knows, the real story is ultimately about you. Second, it is always helpful to create a villain — someone who makes you look more pristine and righteous. And lastly, after you have established your moral superiority, it is advisable to show what a friend you are to minorities by insulting them provided, of course, it is under the cloak of portraying them as witless victims.

Steven Watts

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