Paramore at Klipsch tonight with Fall Out Boy 

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Frontwoman Hayley Williams said that fans have been asking for a tour with Fall Out Boy for a long time.

“It’s a long time coming. Our bands really did grow from the same seed and we share a lot of the same fans, yet we do still exist separately with two individual fan bases that fall between us,” Williams said during a pre-tour conference call. “I think that this is going to be so perfect to just really celebrate where we come from [and] where we are going.”

Williams said that Paramore always tries to put on the best show each night and to make an impact on fans during their shows. She said that the set list is a mix of new hits and old favorites that the band hopes will please fans of all stripes. But she said that fans should get an experience beyond just hearing songs live.

“The whole point of going to a show is to get a sense of who they are and what the message is,” she said.

She said that having a band like Fall Out Boy following them in the line-up each night will make them go even harder. Other than just rocking out, she said that it is important to connect with fans on a personal level.

“We want to make some type of impact. If we’re not getting onstage for however long it might be on any particular night and connecting with people, looking them in the eyes, making them feel known then we missing the point of why we are in a band.”


It took Paramore a while to figure out how to be a band after the Farro [Josh and Zac, former Paramore guitarist and drummer, respectively] brothers left in 2010. Williams said she, bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York rode an emotional rollercoaster of anger, fear and bewilderment, but found their way back to normal again.

“At the same time, we realized we still wanted to make music, it didn’t change the way we felt about Paramore, and that alone - before we even got to writing music - took time,” Williams said. “It took us making a really valiant effort to get to know one another again.”

She said that it took getting to know each other again and spending a lot of time hanging out to before they could start writing. But she said that once they got going, it was just like old times.

“Once the first song came out -– I think the first song we finished was "Proof" -- that was the spark we needed. Then they kept rolling out. "Last Hope," "Grow Up," "Part 2." It was so important for us to keep encouraging one another and to feel that fire again that we felt 10 years ago when we started playing music.”

Paramore’s new sound on their self-titled 2013 album is like nothing else they had previously done. With the funky radio hit “Ain’t It Fun” and the ukulele-flecked on “Moving On,” it was clear to fans Paramore had taken a new direction. Williams said that making the album involved getting to know what Paramore could be.

“The whole album was a discovery process. We didn’t set out to make a specific style, we didn’t have a concept in mind. We said ‘Let’s just be whatever we are going to be.’ ‘Whatever this song comes out like, if we like it who says is can’t make the record?’ We made the rules this time around and it was such a great, liberating thing to feel.”

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The process gave Paramore brand new eyes to see what is possible. Williams said that she could never make an album the same old way after experiencing the process for the self-titled album. The drive to be better is still intact for Paramore, but Williams said other aspects of the band are changed for the better.

“We’ve broadened our horizons, broken through whatever ceiling was there before. And we’ve kind of discovered that we don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations … Paramore is Jeremy, Taylor and Hayley so it’s whatever we are in that given moment,” Williams said. “I think that there aren’t any rules anymore.”

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