Our liberties are tenuous 

I held off responding to a letter (“Equal First Amendment Right,” July 18-25) expecting someone else to do it, but such was not the case.

The letter writer suggested the public not be so critical of religion, citing a "hate crime" legislation story and saying religion is singled out unfairly because of its opposition to same-sex unions.

The U.S. Bill of Rights allows Americans to pursue liberty and happiness, but for reasons that are religiously-oriented, the pious are openly opposed to allowing all citizens to pursue that goal.

So while Scripture indeed came before the Constitution, founders improved on human liberties withheld by biblical dogma. We know exactly who wrote our Constitution; we know little to nothing about who wrote passages the religious seem willing to kneel for and spend billions to support, including buildings standing idle most of the time and with little in fair taxation.

We are witnessing in this nation how five Roman Catholics masquerading as Supreme Court justices can rule against common sense and logic as they did in not allowing the public to challenge President Bush's use of tax money to finance religion, clearly a violation of the Constitution all justices swear to uphold.

My support of unions other than the customary male-female in-church type is because it is none of my business what two persons wish to do and I firmly believe it should not be the business of anybody except those involved.

Knowing the collective efforts of the religious in America to make this country into a theocracy, and seeing their success, only makes me realize how tenuous our liberties really are. Pilgrims came here to get away from church-mandated decrees. This started out as a secular nation, make no mistake about that. God(s) are on the move in the fertile imaginings and efforts of the religious in America.

Robert S. Corya

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