One Slight Hitch at Theatre on the Square 

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On the surface, this is a farce. Courtney is supposed to supposed to marry Harper today, so when her ex-boyfriend Ryan shows up at her parents' house and asks to take a shower on his way to hitchhike cross-country, her dad hides him in the bathroom, no, in the hall closet, no, in the bathroom, while trying to convince him to leave before Courtney or her mother learn he's there. There is a lot of well-timed door slamming and whiskey pouring.

But on another level, this is a romantic comedy. Courtney and Ryan have unfinished business in terms of their feelings. Courtney's mother and father have unfinished business in terms of their vows.

There aren't many surprises on either of these levels, either in the script or in this particular production of it, although it is all fluffily enjoyable. In his interview with NUVO last spring, rant comedian Lewis Black said, "If my name weren't on it, nobody would know I wrote the play."

But his name is on it, and there are a couple zinger lines in the second act that made this bland show a bit more interesting to me.

One directly bashes feminists: "The woman of the '80s wants everything and ends up with nothing." (I bristled when I heard this. Ending up unmarried but with your sense of self intact is not nothing. But I agree that being willing to compromise is essential, too.)

Another line...well, I won't spoil the humor by quoting you the line that Courtney's youngest sister says at the very end of the play as the secret to a happy marriage. But because it surely is sarcastic, it implies that sticking with traditional sex roles isn't the answer, either.

Those two lines, plus the fact that the story is framed as a flashback when it could have just been set "now," make me think the playwright is inviting us all to look at unfinished business in our relationships or marriages.

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