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Sorry to tell you that leopard prints have never really ever been available in mainstream ready-to-wear and have thus never really been popular until late. From the 1920s right through the 1960s, big cats were exterminated in the name of fur coats, collars and hats. I would still advise yielding on the side of morality and raised eyebrows and keep it in the closet.
Claire, NUVO's bachelorette, sports the leopard look.
It was the late 1960s when designers created leopard print silk scarves and bathing suits, but still not in any kind of abundance. This was the first evolution of the animal print. Before, there were really no prints and few fakes. Think about it: Do you know anyone who owned leopard print panties before 1982? Now, leopard print anything is mainstream with 50 percent of that merchandise being tasteful and 50 percent of buyers really knowing how to wear it tastefully. Don't wear too much of it at once - it can nauseate people. Options are now unlimited in ready-to-wear and although this animal print doesn't seem to know a season, it's perfect for holiday parties and fun. NUVO's bachlorette, the fabulous Claire, looks oh so perfect in her leopard-derived print slip dress and scarf. She pulls off this look elegantly because she nixed fussy accessories and hair, something anyone wearing a print should be advised to do. It clutters and cheapens no matter what the cost of whatever you're wearing. This way, goopy accessories and overprocessed hair won't stand in the way of a potential date noticing her face, her personality. Her dress isn't two-sizes-too-small either, a common clothing error seen all over chubby Hoosierland (particularly when it comes to little sexy dresses like this one). The right size allows the flowy fabric to fall and shape itself over her curves. It's good for the dress and the wearer. Too tight doesn't say sexy, it says "desperate" and "would you take a look at my big butt?" You can find Claire out and about at Vizion, the Blu Martini, the Melting Pot on New Year's Eve and at Savoy on Dec. 6, where she will be celebrating her 33rd birthday.

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