O'Bannons bounced from digs 

Gov. Frank O"Banno

Gov. Frank O"Bannon and Indiana"s first lady (his wife) Judy O"Bannon will soon be orphans of the storm, on the street, in need of a fresh crib. No, not because the voters have bounced them back to Corydon. The O"Bannons will be seeking a fresh roof over their heads because the Governor"s Residence on North Meridian Street is about to undergo a face-left. So it"s scoot, Mr. and Mrs. Hoosier Chief Exec. The question is: Where to? To answer this question, your deep-fried spy has explored some options F and J might consider once their bags are packed. How "bout: The new State Museum. Frank"s name is already on the dedication panel out front so there won"t be any problem with mail delivery. That Ayres Tearoom should be good for the munchies and the fossil exhibit suits O"Bannon"s political style. The Murphy Arts Center. Frank and Judy have made no secret of their support for the arts - see what a big impact they"ve had on state funding for the Arts Commission! Living at the MAC would enable them to be the ultimate scene-makers. The Catacombs. Located under the City Market, the Catacombs were once used to store fruits and vegetables. Given the Republican sweep of statewide offices in our recent elections, this might be just the place for our Democrat governor to contemplate a come-back!

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