NYC DIY punks praise Indianapolis scene 

Touring in a DIY punk band can be really unpredictable. Nothing can be more unpredictable, however, than show attendance. In a big city or a small town, nothing is guaranteed as far as turnouts go. Having been raised in the brimming NYC scene, Mike Natoli is no stranger to sporadic turnouts.

After touring across the United States in several promising bands, Natoli has finally hit his stride. His latest band, Timeshares, plays crunchy pop-punk with splashes of hardcore and traverses the country playing for anyone who will listen.

In an interview, Natoli explained some of his observations of DIY show dynamics. “I don’t want to say anything bad about the East Coast” explained Natoli, “but the whole New York scene really epitomizes ‘oversaturated’”. Whereas a lack of shows in Indianapolis might be considered a problem, too many shows in NYC is equally problematic.

“There’s a show every night” said Natoli, “which is really cool, except that a lot of shows end up on the same night. They all end up competing with each other and sometimes it hurts turnouts.”

“The problem” continued Natoli, “is that since it’s New York City, everyone wants to play. Every band in America has planned an ‘East Coast Tour’ and they all have these grand notions of what they want their big New York show to be like.” But high hopes are often dashed by reality.

TIMESHARES: Natoli, center and sleeveless
  • TIMESHARES: Natoli, center and sleeveless

“Unless you know someone,” explained Natoli, “getting a show set up in the city can be really hard and getting a good show can be impossible. A lot of bands that we play with on tour ask for help setting up shows and we try to help them but it’s really frustrating because setting up a show can be really hard.”

The hustle and bustle of his beloved New York is why Natoli appreciates the smaller scenes, like Indianapolis, he sees on tour. “It’s plain as day” Natoli gushed “all the appreciation that small town shows receive. There aren’t shows every night or multiple shows on the same night, so the shows that do happen seem more special.”

On Friday night, Natoli and Timeshares will leave the commotion and confusion of New York for the comforts of The Dojo. The band is playing on a touring-band-only bill which also includes Massachusetts hardcore act Beartrap, Virginian melodic punks Sundials, Californian hardcore band Caulfield and Hold Tight, also from Virginia.

Friday, June 3rd:
Timeshares w/ Beartrap, Caulfield, Hold Tight, Sundials
@ The Dojo
$8, 7 PM


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