NUVO video premiere: Shannon Hayden's "Starshine" 

There's a reason I picked Shannon Hayden and Mike Adams' show as one of my favorite shows of 2015: Every time I've seen her perform, I've spent most of the show stock-still and mesmerized by her acrobatic strings, looped and layered with high, clear voice. She's releasing her new album at the Hi-Fi on Thursday with Sedcairn Archives and UnWholly Grey. (Here's show details.) But you can get a little taste right now with our premiere of her new music video for "Starshine."

Her full album You See the World is out February 19; Fader will premiere a track from it Tuesday.

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With my acoustic cello [I use] various pickups and clip-on mics. It’s pretty high maintenance, a bit difficult to travel with, so this year I began touring with an electric cello. It’s a Yamaha and I use a Barbera bridge. It has to be custom made for that instrument. It’s got two pickups per string. I run that through a series of pre-amps and mic simulators to get the best sound. 
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"My dad knew I was dead set on being an artist. He knew it was going to be tough, so he said, 'Okay, let's work on building a sustainable lifestyle for you.' He wanted me to know all about how to construct the house, with wood that was right on the property, how to make your own energy, researching how to use solar and wind energy. He's an amazing gardener, so he taught me about growing your own food. ... A lot of musicians can't take advantage of awesome opportunities because they can't take the risk, and they can't quit their day jobs. For me, I absolutely have been given this gift of, 'Go for it; do exactly what you want.' And I don't have to compromise, because I always have a fallback.
Hayden said of her Thursday show: "As Indianapolis is a bit of a local scene for me, I wanted to have a special Indy pre-release show where local fans will get an early sneak peak of the album and also be able to purchase the new vinyl a month ahead of the official release.


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