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click to enlarge Ben Spencer raises a triumphant fist in the air as his teammates rush to congratulate Blake Smith, who scored three goals and two assists by the time the evening was over. Smith is a new arrival to Indy Eleven, on loan from the Montreal Impact. - REBECCA TOWNSEND
  • Ben Spencer raises a triumphant fist in the air as his teammates rush to congratulate Blake Smith, who scored three goals and two assists by the time the evening was over. Smith is a new arrival to Indy Eleven, on loan from the Montreal Impact.
  • Rebecca Townsend

Pre-game notes:

The Dayton Dutch Lions (2-5-2, 8pts), a USL Pro squad advanced to the Open Cup 3rd round by defeating Schwaben AC 2-0. The Dutch Lions advanced to the 4th round last season before losing to MLS side Columbus Crew 2-1. They defeat the Crew in 2012 before losing to Sporting Kansas City in the quarterfinals.

The Indy Eleven are fresh off a 1-1 draw with reigning NASL Playoff Champions New York Cosmos.

Starting lineups:

Indy Eleven:

GK - Kristian Nicht

D - Erick Norales, Fijero Okiomah, Kyle Hyland, A.J Corrado

M - Don Smart, Corby Moore, Blake Smith, Dylan Mares

F - MIke Ambersley, Ben Spencer

Dayton Dutch Lions:

GK - Bradley Sturver

D - Shane Smith, Brock Granger, Shintaro Harada

M - Matt Walker, Sebastien Thuriere, Irakli Khutsidze, Joel Delass, David Clemens

F - Thomas Garner, Aaron Schoenfeld

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Storms are holding off for the moment as the sun sets over Michael Carroll Stadium. Indy Eleven in red kits with navy blue shorts, Dutch Lions in blue kits with white stripes and white shorts.

Referee Dimitar Chavdarov blows his whistle and the match is underway

2' - Chance for Dayton as Schoenfeld made a deep run into the box, laid a pass off but was deflected away for a corner kick

4' - Another shot deflected out, this time for a throw in. Dayton clearly the more aggressive team early on

7' - Ambersley sends a dangerous ball into the 18 box but it's headed away without any real attempt from Spencer

8' - Spencer connects with Smart in the final third but he's unable to put the ball on target, goal kick

10 ' - Eleven have settled into the game now, controlling a lot of the possession in the midfield

11' - Hyland get's a little too fancy in the box and wastes a good chance for the Eleven

13' - Near goal: Spencer get's behind the back line, forces Sturver to come off his line and get a deflection...the ball trickled past Sturver though and was going in before DeLass came over and cleared it

17' - Another near goal as Spencer makes a run into the box which again forces Sturver off his line to make the save

17' - Ensuing corner is taken easily by Sturver

18' - Smart with plenty of space on the right flank sends a ball into the box in the direction of Spencer but it's cleared

19' - Yellow card to Corrado, referee with a short leash tonight

20' - Bicycle kick by Thuriere gets some ahh's from the crowd but was never testing Nicht

22' - Smart earns another corner taken by Moore and cleared easily.

22' - Smart again sends another ball into the box, this one on target which forces Sturver to tip it off the net. Ensuing corner is taken easily by Sturver

24' - Yellow card issued to Dayton's Matt Walker

26' - GOALLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! A beautiful curling strike by Blake Smith from 20 yards out give the Eleven the 1-0 lead

29' - Header from Spencer forces a diving save from Sturver, it's all Eleven at the moment

30 - GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!! Smith makes it two on the day. A beautiful pass from Ben Spencer leaves Smith all alone, he calmly cut to his right and slotted it right past Sturver. 2-0 Eleven

34' - Mares trying to get in on the action fires a shot from 30 yards out, it's well wide

37' - Good chance for Dayton as Garner led a perfect ball onto the feet of Schoenfeld who rocketed it over the goal

40 - Dayton strikers frustrated by the Eleven back four, showing it on the pitch with body language

41' - Smith sends a laser of a shot off the crossbar, inches away from a first half hat trick

43' - GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Smith again in on the action sends a sweet ball into the box, Spencer let's it go right through his legs and Ambersley slots it home. No chance for Sturver. 3-0 Eleven

And there's the halftime whistle, Indy Eleven lead the Dayton Dutch Lions 3-0 at the break

Teams have retaken the field and we're set to kickoff the 2nd half

46' - GOALLLLLLLLLL!!!!! Mares slots it home, assisted by Smith. 4-0 Eleven

48' - Smart sends a dangerous ball into the 6-yard box, Ambersley deflects it on-goal with a header but it goes inches wide

Substitutions at the half: Indy Eleven - Omosegbon for Norales ... Dutch Lions - Cruyff for Clemens, Felix for Khutsidze

54' - Dayton looks lost in the final third, unable to connect on any passes. Nicht with a quiet night between the posts so far

56' - Smart, who's been very active all night, takes an ambitious shot from a tough angle which doesn't test Sturver

57' - Ambersley slow to get up after making a tackle on Khutsidze, for which he was called for a foul. Quickly back on after being forced off.

61' - Solid chance for Dayton goes awry as Garner sends a pass behind Schoenfeld

63' - Eleven substitution: Walter Ramirez on for Ambersley

64' - Ramirez quickly making an impact by earning an Eleven corner, which is taken short

65' - Penalty kick awarded to Dayton, Hyland with a bad back-header forced Nicht to make a tackle on Garner inside the box. Yellow card issued to Hyland

66' - Goal for Dayton - Schoenfeld converts the PK. 4-1 Eleven

67' - Dayton's final substitution: Joseph Broekhuizen on for Thuriere

70' - Schoenfeld takes a blistering ground shot from 20 yards out, Nicht makes a diving save to his right, his first of the night.

76' - Goal Dayton, Walker slides it past Nicht who had no chance at stopping it. Assisted by Broekhuizen. 4-2 Eleven

80' - Spencer with another laser of a shot, this time Sturver gets to it to make the save. Corner Eleven

Announced attendance of 9,181 82' - Rash tackle by Moore earns him a yellow card

83' - Eleven's final substitution: Pedro Mendez for Spencer

85' - Smith and DeLass get into it, DeLass issued a yellow card

86' - Mares with a great run into the box, shot is saved by Sturver, rebound drops to Smart who shoots it over from 8 yards out.

87' - Garner with a shot on goal for Dayton from 4 yards out, Nicht with the key save


90' - 3 minutes of stoppage time added

FT - Indy Eleven defeat the Dayton Dutch Lions 5-2 to advance to the 4th round of the US Open Cup. Will face MLS side Columbus Crew in 4th round

Post-game interviews:

click to enlarge Midfielder Blake Smith scored his first professional hat trick in Wednesday's match.
  • Midfielder Blake Smith scored his first professional hat trick in Wednesday's match.

click to enlarge Head Coach Juergen Sommer - REBECCA TOWNSEND
  • Head Coach Juergen Sommer
  • Rebecca Townsend

click to enlarge Goalie and team captain Kristian Nicht. - REBECCA TOWNSEND
  • Goalie and team captain Kristian Nicht.
  • Rebecca Townsend


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