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TIME Magazine has published their First Annual Blog Index. Typically, I would argue that "Top Blogs" from TIME Magazine would be similar to Danica Patrick's Oscar picks- that is, kind of interesting to look at but not really pertinent. However the writer tapped to do the job, Tom McNichol, is a man of much talent and a broad swath of interests. He's written for Business 2.0, the Huffington Post, and The New York Times. He's displayed a certain amount of web acumen, so to speak, and I think offered some great (and some obvious) suggestions.

I offered a quick list of my favorite blogs on marketing, advertising, and the like earlier this month. Their list is politically top heavy, but then so is the internet. Here's a few quick takes on some others on my radar:

Metafilter : Seems to be anything but. With so many niche sites, experts, and direct-to-the-source outlets availble, what's the usefulness of a clearinghouse? This is a time killer- which means it's for people with time to kill.

treehugger : Great site that balances a serious mission with a sense of humor. You'll see occasional celeb-written posts and tips that can actually improve your day to day life while decreasing your carbon footprint.

PostSecret : Innovative, appalling, touching and tragic all at once. Folks mail in handwritten postcards with an anonymous confession. The cards are then scanned and posted to the site with no editorializing. Fears, infidelities, career mishaps... Humanity digitized.

Freakonomics : A part of the New York Times and written by the same duo who offered the best selling book of the same name. Dynamic, contrarian, and skillfully balancing entertainment with education.

Gawker : It's not for me. I have my guilty pleasures, don't get me wrong. And many in the social media biz have reaped benefits of being "caught" there. (See: Pete Cashmore of Mashable) But I feel it too often crosses from snark to vitriol and I don't care for that. If you do, Gawk away.

Wired's Threat Level : Former international hacker + Wired editors + Post 9/11 privacy issues = consitently great read + some sleeplessness

I tend to like what McNichol produces, but calling out Jim Cramer (accurately) as "Overrated" does not nearly make up for the exclusion of Seth Godin's Blog.


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