Nora at the State Fair: Day 3 

Food consumed:

King's Taters (potato-y genius)

As much as I enjoy going to the State Fair with family and friends, I love the solo trips also. And I'll admit that I almost skipped this evening. Between the marathon trip yesterday with my dad and the fact that I'd worked both part-time jobs — 15 hours of work packed into 24, I was ready to stay home and soak my feet.

I arrived at the Fair around 7:00. The temperature was starting to cool and there was a nice breeze. I passed weary families on my way through the gate — I think some of the parents had reached the "too much fun" threshold.

I made my first trip to the Our Land Pavilion. This (air conditioned) building holds a variety of fascinating, if incongruent activities. This is where you can see spay/neutering surgeries, sample a hard cooked egg, watch a humongous block of cheese being sculptured, peep at just-hatched chicks and test your knowledge of Indiana agriculture and win a Purdue plastic cup. This is also the spot to snag your "I am the face of 4-H" sticker. New this year is a big sand sculpture depicting the circle of agriculture in Indiana — the corn feeds the cows, etc.

My main goal for this trip, and quite frankly the one thing that got me off of the sofa was King's Taters. The genius folks at King's have rigged drills to blades that slice thin potato spirals which are then deep fried and handed piping hot to season however your little heart desires. I'm a traditionalist — lots of salt and a little ketchup on the side. Kings is also a good place to get a soda if you want a reusable plastic cup with a lid. It's 5.00 for the first round, but they will refill them for $2.00 a time for the rest of the Fair. It really does save in the spilled soda and refill department. As you've probably guessed, I'm not extra squeamish, put I do think twice about walking through the swine barn with an open cup. I plopped myself on the bench across from King's and watched the world go by as I ate. I admitted defeat after half of the serving. King's has two locations, one in front of the swine barn and the other on the north side of the Fairgrounds near the FFA building.

I peeked in to the Communications Building. I'm lucky enough to have a press pass for the Fair and I wanted to check out the press room. There is wireless access and room to write and a staff that can answer questions, although it was empty at 8:30 on Sunday night. There was a smaller scale of the Midway Arch in the hallway and posters of years past. I loved seeing the Tee Pee restaurant sign and menu on display right when you walk in the door.

I hopped on the tram for a sunset ride around the park and hopped off at the Celebration Park stage. It was Hispanic/Latino Music Day and I loved seeing the kiddos playing and dancing in front of the 4-H buildings and the screaming fans watching the music. I headed home with a belly full of potatoes and a head full of happy thoughts about our community.


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