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Show review
Fontaine, Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation Rock Lobster Wednesday, Aug. 24 Rock Lobster's layout is fantastic for music lovers who aren't fans of between-band downtime changeovers. While Fontaine played in the main room, Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation were set up on the outdoor stage. At first look, Fontaine was cause for concern. A shorts-clad band member and the presence of an Ovation on stage are usually telltale signs of one of two things: This is a jam band or this is going to be crap. Thankfully, both aversions were absent. After their set was a few songs deep it became clear that Fontaine is an extremely pliable band. From undemanding indie rock, Fontaine pivoted around quirky-semi-artsy combinations of Ben Folds whimsy, Pavement-esque slack and the aesthetically fractured unease of the Violent Femmes. A bizarre sketch met with thumbs up. On the other hand, or stage rather, Kevin Mohl & the Burning Sensation didn't throw any sucker punches. Immediately and clearly stated, I am not their target demographic listener. The band specializes in upbeat appreciation songs about beer the way that Northern Kind deals in riffed-up ballads about weed, and the Fuglees wax poetically about "Crazy Girls." The band is chockful of fine musicians, but while the college fraternity charm of combining Dave Matthews Band and Bare Naked Ladies with Bob & Tom gets other people partying till they puke, it just makes me think about how I could be at home, rearranging furniture or sleeping. Rated: Good at What They Do, but Not My Thing.

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