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You people are so jaded toward your particular tastes that you rarely step outside and see what else is going on in Central Indiana from a musical standpoint. So, with that said, here it comes: We need more metal and hardcore coverage. Yep, I said it. I’m 34 and still want to throw a middle finger up to the world. I am not about to “grow up” anytime soon. The metal and hardcore bands in this town are truly some of the best in the entire Midwest. Yet you rarely, if ever, have any mention of them (unless a local bar owner/promoter has bought the advertising space). What about The Gates of Slumber? What about Demiricous? Oh, there’s Mercykill too. How about Apostle of Solitude, TDID, Bulletwolf, So Sayeth (ex-Redhorse) and so many more.

If you truly embrace the “independent” and underground bands out there, then start paying attention to the REAL underground and the REAL “indie” (not the label) bands. We’ve always been there and we’ll never go away. Genres will come and go. Metal and hardcore won’t. So, since we’re all so caught up in the spirit of Change and Hope (thanks Barack), why don’t you make some ch-ch-ch-changes?

Tom Quigley

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