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Naptown Roller Girls at the Indiana State Fair (Slideshow) 

The Corndogs vs the Deep Fried Twinkies at the Indiana State Fair.
Before you skate, you need a track.
One of the Twinkies throws a Twinkie into the crowd.
The Twinkies and the Corndogs shared warm-up time before the bout.
It's a beautiful evening for some outdoor roller derby.
Eve Anne Hellical makes her way around the Twinkies pack.
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Mutant Jean might be the lead jammer, but Lysis 2 Kill has her in her sights.
Both teams strategize before returning for the second half.
Jammer Itsy Gitsi finds her path blocked by a reversed pivot. Are the refs about to call a penalty?
Lysis 2 Kill is not as fierce off the track.
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Teams line up to start the next jam.
The Corndog's jammer looks for room on the inside lane.
The NRG Third Alarm and Warning Belles
Before you skate, you need a track.
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