Music Q&A with Don Stuck 

A typical day for Don

A typical day for Don Stuck starts at 3 a.m., when he wakes up to get prepared for his shift hosting X103's morning show, Stuck in the Morning. In the afternoon, he can be seen hosting his daily shift The Rock Block on Indy's Music Channel, and Saturday night he's the host of WNDY Big Saturday Movie. He also occasionally plugs in his Gibson SG and rocks Peppers in Don Stuck's Band on the first Saturday of each month. For more info, visit
NUVO: Where are you from? Stuck: New Palestine, lived there my whole life. Nothing there but cornfields, catfish and pot smoking old banjo players. NUVO: Is that how you learned to play banjo? Stuck: Yeah. I picked it up from a bunch of 70-year-old men who would sit around and play all day. NUVO: And that led to guitar? Stuck: When I was 15, this dude owed me $40 so he gave me a guitar and an amp. I didn't have a clue how to play it, so I plugged it in and turned the gain all the way up and it just started feeding back; it was awesome. All my friends were freaked out. I knew I had to learn how to play it (laughs). NUVO: How did you break into the music scene? Stuck: I was at Zanies Too one night and a friend of mine wanted me to check out his band. Before long they wanted me to come up and jam with them and I ended up playing with them for two years before they broke up. That's when I met [bassist] Tim Messersmith; he and I have been playing together for about 15 years now. NUVO: Who else plays in Don Stuck's Band? Stuck: Donnie Studer on drums and Rockin' Ralph on vocals. It was around '96 and it was still Stuck in the Night and Ralph had just started at Q95. I told her I played in a band and she told me she could sing so I invited her out that night. She came up and sang some stuff we both knew and we fired our singer the next day. NUVO: So you started at Q95 before you got on at the X? Stuck: Yeah. An opening came up at WNDE [Q95's AM sister station], and I got on doing overnights running Larry King. After a few months I got on Q doing weekends and just basically waited for people to get fired (laughs). NUVO: It would be weird not to bring it up, but can you comment on what happened to Gonzo Greg [former host of The Big Dumb Show on X103, which Stuck co-hosted] ? Stuck: Gonzo and the station had issues with how many songs were being played in the morning. He released a statement to the paper saying pretty much that. NUVO: Now the morning show on the X; is this your first morning solo gig? Stuck: Yeah and when they told me it was just gonna be me, I was like, "Oh fuck," because I hadn't done a regular DJ shift in so long. But after a few breaks I was all right.

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