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Mural city: 46 for XLVI (Slideshow) 

The Super Bowl is the pretext for this ambitious project by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Here are a couple dozen of the 46 murals.
Wug Laku, 924 N Pennsylvania.
Will Schlough, Teacher's Treasures.
Michael Jordan, Stadium Village.
Michael Jordan, Ace Hardware.
Kyle Ragsdale, Michigan St. Canal East.
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John Domont, Canal W. Street South Side.
Hector Duarte, Canal West St. north side.
FAB, Haughville Humane Society.
FAB, Crew Olive Street.
Erik Pearson, Summit Realty Building.
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Eduardo Mendieta, Indy Speedway.
Eduardo Mendieta, Mass Ave.
Damon Lamar Reed, 27th and MLK.
Clayton Hamilton, Service Center for Contemporary Culture and Community.
Christian Quintin, 870 Virginia Ave.
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Cecilia Lueza, Canal Ohio St. East.
Carl Leck, E. 10th Street.
Carl Leck, Canal Michigan St. West.
Bethany Calk, Canal NY St. east side.
Augustina Drove, Canal NY St. west.
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Andy Miller, Big Car Service Center.
Amy Rheinhardt, Concord Farms.
Amy Rheinhardt, Concord Farms.
Tom Torluemke: South and Capital.
Barb Stahl, Canal.
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Barb Stahl, Mary Rigg Community Center
Will Schlough, Teacher's Treasures
Artur Silva, Union Station
Wug Laku, 924 N Pennsylvania.
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