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Show Review

Show Review
Everything, Now!, The Lou Reeds, Killjoy Confetti, Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's United States of Mind Saturday, Jan. 22 When you put 120 warm bodies with hot soup and chai in a room with four great Muncie bands that spice up the local rotation, you've got a night well-spent. Last Saturday at United States of Mind was one of those nights.
Everything Now
The Lou Reeds rocked the house with Sonic Youth violence and Pixies twang. Some of their epics had flavors of old classics like "Teenage Riot." The band rode on 20-minute waves of soft layers and hard noise before exploding into a five-minute wall of chaos. Due to copyright, women-rockers Arcade are now Killjoy Confetti - new name, same killer jams. They played a more streamlined set than at previous shows, with screaming guitars and L7 theatrics. Margot and the Nuclear So-and-So's gave the most well-rehearsed and accessible set. Take Velvet Underground bounciness, Sebadoh aggression, add electric cello and a diva on Rhodes, and it equals one of the best bands in the state. Their indie-pop styling is worthy of Drag City. While less mainstream but equally brilliant, Everything, Now! took the crowd to new sonic dimensions. They had the experimental texture of a Jim O'Rourke album: horns, chimes, Moog noise and percussive toys for the crowd. The singer howled like an old bluesman, juxtaposed over a groove with Portishead ambience. The innovative combinations knocked the fans silly. They closed the night with a climax - horns blasted, fans rang bells and knocked blocks, and they transformed the room into a wintertime Tibetan orchestra. Everything, Now! took multiple styles and combined them all. Wow

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