Morgen Bosler: Organic Interpretations 

Studio Shop Gallery, Indianapolis Art Center

Emphasizing form, texture, and surface elements, Morgen Bosler's hand-built, organically abstract ceramic sculptures rhythmically fill the Indianapolis Art Center's Studio Shop Gallery, producing a contemporary exhibition that is both visceral and contemplative. Bosler's control over clay is reflected in her stoneware art, all sized right for presenting in one's home or office.

Raku-fired stoneware slabs create the wall-hung series, "Red 1," "Red 2," "Red 3". Each has a circle of red against a matte, black background along with minimal brushstrokes of color and surface variation that imply natural elements and landscapes. Work simply and eloquently expresses and implies relationships, whether in nature or, as may be interpreted, amongst people or animals. "Wave/Diquis" is one of four double-sided, oval ceramic sculptures on wooden bases. Peek behind to see the backside of compositions created with an etched line or brush of glaze. These, like most of Bosler's art, appear akin to earthy artifacts that one might uncover and study.

"Hail to the Chief" interplays white glazed pod forms of varying sizes and shapes in a careful arrangement. Like a community gathering of people or a pile of bleached river rocks, one notices not just the harmony created by the unified color of the glaze, but the subtle shifts and differences that make each part distinctive. Through April 18. 317.255.2464,

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