More dangerous than Imus 

It’s no huge surprise that Don Imus was held accountable eventually for his over-the-top remarks (“Acquired Tastelessness,” April 18-25).

The astounding thing is who brought the topic up: Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, two of the biggest hypocrites and opportunists in political racial history. Time warp to Duke University where three Duke students were tried by Jackson and Sharpton in the media and found guilty of racist rape. Yes, they actually used both words in describing the guilt of the Duke lacrosse players. Imus apologized to Sharpton personally, but you will NEVER  hear Sharpton apologize for his hate speeches over the years.

For black rappers, there is an obvious double-standard. For black political leaders, there is a double-standard in getting away with racial or demeaning comments. For over 10 years, gangsta rap and hard core rap and culture has used these words, and a hundred times worse in almost EVERY hardcore rap CD made. Where was liberal America then? Defending “free speech.” So when an average white guy clones the street language, he is suddenly a “racist” and there is NO free speech issue according to liberals.

In all honesty, conservatives have been complaining for years about the white/black double-standard when it comes to supposed “hate speech” or horrible-intent rap lyrics. Liberals pooh-poohed this as censorship and violation of free speech. Turns out conservatives were right. Hardly any of the talking heads on TV agree that the disparaging lyrics in street rap benefit anyone. Now it is obvious that talk radio/TV will be negatively impacted by the implications of the Imus affair. Every talk-news broadcaster is now aware of the power of hypocrites (ie, Tawana Bradley, Hymie Town, etc.). It is time for liberal America and media to realize that it is time to quit propping up Jackson and Sharpton. They are both far more dangerous than Imus ever was. The proof has never been more obvious.

Jeff Feezle


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