Monika Herzig's got the whole world in her hands 

Project stops at the Jazz Kitchen on Saturday

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The Whole World in Her Hands, a musical collaboration under the leadership of pianist/composer Monika Herzig, is produced by Suzi Reynolds and features outstanding female jazz artists from around the globe including: Jamie Baum, flute; Reut Regev, trombone; Leni Stern, guitar; Monika Herzig, piano; Jennifer Vincent, bass; and Rosa Avila, drums.

The latest album was recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City and released June 2016 on Whaling City Sound. The worldwide tour plays at Jazz Kitchen on Oct. 1 at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m.
We caught up with Monka Herzog on the road.

NUVO: What led you to undertake this global adventure? 

Monika Herzig: As a female jazz instrumentalist who has witnessed from within the hurdles that we encounter in a male-dominated environment and as a long-time advocate for women in jazz I decided to create a project that showcases some of the best players and composers and bandleaders in the world that need to be recognized on a higher level and document the process. 

NUVO: How does it tie in with your previous initiatives?

Herzig: I always did a series in March showcasing our regional women and I'm a constant advocate for jazz as an art form

NUVO: Why this particular roster of players? Their resumes, like yours, are sterling.

Herzig: I only wanted the best — these ones happily agreed to take part in the journey and we'll feature a host more on the next recording [taking place October 3-5 in New York].

NUVO: Since everything you do is goal oriented for the greater good, how should we in the seats be connecting with the goal of the project?

Herzig: It takes everyone into a multi-cultural world and shares the various personalities and backgrounds of these ladies who come from Israel, Mexico, Germany, and of course the US. There is a lot of freedom of expression in our program and a lot of community feel.

NUVO: What has become special/unique working with this group of players?

Herzig: I love driving around with them in the 12-passenger van and talking about music, family and fun stuff. It's really special to find a community of like-minded personalities and being able to chat and share about anything. They are also absolutely amazing musicians and the unit is excelling on many levels.

Please come to the Jazz Kitchen. It's a huge deal to get all of them together and come with me to the Midwest. Pre-orders for financing the next recording and the documentary are open. We need everyone’s support.


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