Miranda Lambert talks mutts and Merle before Klipsch show Saturday 

The fire-haired country queen opens Klipsch this weekend

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Reigning queen of country Miranda Lambert stops at Klipsch Music Center this Saturday on tour with Kip Moore in tow. Lambert's the epitome of a twangy super star: each of her five albums debuted at number one on the Billboard Top Country Albums Chart. After divorcing country singer Blake Shelton, Lambert's face has dotted a proliferation of tabloids grossly speculating on her life. She doesn't answer many questions about the ins and outs of her personal life in interviews, but she did say in an email exchange last week that she'll continue to write about her life as inspiration for her art.

NUVO: We just lost Merle. I know you're a big Haggard fan — what was your favorite aspect of his writing? How can we best honor the legacy of these hugely important performers after they pass?

Miranda Lambert: I love Merle because he was always honest. He shared his story in a way that made you feel like you really knew him. He sang with conviction. I think singing the songs and listening to the records of our heroes is important. We should continue to be inspired by them.

NUVO: Loretta Lynn, Patsy Cline, Tammy Wynette — these are women you've mentioned you admire, that opened the door for women in country that you could walk through. What needs to happen to keep that door open for girls who grow up and want to be musicians? What's your best advice for the 12 - 15 year old set? Who are some of your favorite young musicians? 

Lambert: Being brave and strong in who you are is the key to being a woman in this business. But having said that, it’s a beautiful thing to be brave enough to show vulnerability. The women you mentioned are the best at all of these things. I learned from them and many others and ‘m still learning every day. One of my new favorite artists is Maren Morris. She is a great songwriter and just has an edge. I love her!  For the young dreamers I say, take your time. Be a kid and go to high school and do what young girls do. I know that sometimes it feels like forever before you get anywhere but the more life you live the more you have to sing about. Life is inspiration.

NUVO: What’s your favorite whiskey?

Lambert: Bulleit Bourbon. (Pronounced bullet. That’s just a coincidence)

NUVO: You told the Guardian you're spending a lot of time writing lately — what's been the most exciting part of working on the new album? Can you drop any hints about when it will be released / what it will feature?

Lambert: I don’t have a release date yet but I have spent the last nine months writing and still am. I have had more time than I ever have to put these songs together and to really grow as a writer. I’m thrilled about that. Writing songs is one of my favorite things in the world.

NUVO: What’s the status of the (awesome) Pistol Annies?

Lambert: Another one of my most favorite things. Getting to write songs and sing them with two of your closest friends is so special. We have all been busy for the last couple of years making records on our own. Not to mention living life! We all have a lot on our plates but the Annies’ project gives us an escape. A freedom to be as creative and honest as we want to with a slightly different texture. We talk about all the stuff woman deal with.(good, bad and ugly) We call it “House Wife Scorned“ music. I’m not sure when we will be back in the studio but we have been getting together here and there and when we do a song or two always comes out of it. I can’t wait to do another Pistol Annies Project.

NUVO: How do you balance autobiographical writing and non-autobiographical writing, especially as your private life is increasingly "reported" on by tabloids?

Lambert: I am not afraid to tell my story. I will always use my life for my art. Tabloids are not even on my radar. I want to be talked about for my music or my work with animals. Nothing else, especially my personal life should not be anyone business but my own. I write about things I experience and I always will. If people want to know about me, they should listen to my music. That pretty much says it all.

NUVO: Tell me about Mutt Nation — and your adorable pups that I see on Instagram. (NUVO loves nothing more than dogs.)

Lambert: MuttNation is a foundation very near and dear to my heart. It was founded in 2009 with just a few ladies (one being my mom) and I . It has grown so much. We have raised over 2 million dollars and helped rescue organizations and shelters across the nation. I have five rescue dogs myself and I have fostered many over the past seven years. It’s important to spread the word about rescue animals of any kind. MuttNation made a mission of doing just that. Bringing awareness. So don’t forget ... love a shelter pet!

Editor's note: Speaking of shelter pets, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control announced today: "For the next 10 days, we're running an adoption special on cats and dogs who have been at our shelter for 30 days or more. The adoption fee is $10 and includes spay/neuter, microchipping, and all vaccines. Visitors can identify the animals that are included in the adoption special by their checkered flag decorated kennels." 


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