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Decaying Autumn, Schwarzenegger, Seek the Riot, Inamarato
Beech Grove High School
Saturday, April 16

This Saturday, I found myself wandering around Beech Grove in an attempt to find the high school for a miniature Battle of the Bands, with four local hardcore bands. Thanks to bad directions off the Internet and even worse directions being shouted from the backseat, I ended up on the opposite side of town and nearly missed the first band, Decaying Autumn, who replaced Aflora’s Demise from the original flyer.

I walked into the darkened gymnasium-turned-venue as they were playing their last few songs, and although I didn’t quite get into them, they did have potential. When they finished and the lights came on, I started to notice the audience, a crowd of maybe 200 or more: little kids running around, parents in the back and, of course, teen-agers. For once, though, there was no in-between, no 20- or 30-year-olds. I guess that makes sense at a high school, but as a new kid to high school gigs, I was a little surprised.

The second band, Schwarzenegger, took the stage with a familiar face from the Deadbeat Betties on guitar. They had a pretty simple formula, starting with a melodic guitar line, then the drums came in — and the song started to get heavy from there. Unfortunately, the acoustics were awful so the singer could barely be heard, but things seemed to be worked out by the time Seek the Riot, the next band, took the stage.

At first, I couldn’t even figure out where the singer was, but he finally got onto the stage a few songs into the set. When I first heard them, I thought of some sort of Van Halen-meets-hardcore concoction where the band fit the same style as the rest of the bands but, well, the hair and vocals gave a different impression. Keeping in mind that it was a high school band, though, they seemed to have a very good idea of who they were and what they wanted to be — and they’re obviously working on it.

Inamarato finished up the show with simple, basic hardcore and tied with Seek the Riot for first place in the battle. Overall, I’m not quite sure what I expected, but it was definitely an interesting show.

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