Mime, magic and memories 

If you missed the four-star reviewed show And I Am Not Making This Up at the 2007 Indianapolis Fringe Festival, you can hop over to Bloomington to catch it at the Waldron Rose Fire Bay in Bloomington.

From Josefa Beyer’s review: “Nell Weatherwax inches on stage, hugging the wall like a child spy, and announces that she will mine for autobiographical material through improvised movement and sound effects. Moving in slow Tai Chi-like poses, with an occasional blip or whoosh, she reaches into the air or bends from the hips to find a memory. For her first day’s performance — each will be unique — she relived, among other things, streaking through the woods as a child and running from her father’s deathbed to buy him a pack of cigarettes. Apologizing for slipping into mime, she conjured her childhood home, forming steps with her hands. There were a few awkward pauses, as Weatherwax rejected a topic in her mind, and then decided aloud that she needed to talk about it. With a hand, the perspiring Weatherwax wipes the pauses away. We watch the hand, forget the stumble and wait for the magic.”

Shows are Fridays-Saturdays, May 23-31, 8 p.m. The performance space is in the John Waldron Arts Center, 122 S. Walnut, Bloomington. Tickets are $15. Go to www.bloomingtonarts.info for tickets and more on the show.

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