Mifune's Last Stand 

Toy Review

Toy Review
Though The Matrix Revolutions was at times unbearable to sit through, it was nearly redeemed by a turbocharged 15-minute battle between invading robots and men in giant robot armor, led by Capt. Mifune.
McFarlane Toys, purveyors of some of the most beautifully constructed and reasonably priced toys on the market, hits another high point with their boxed-set rendition of Mifune’s Last Stand. The construction is a masterpiece of toy engineering, meticulously rendering every element of the film’s armor, right down to the ammo bands, massive guns, dozens of hydraulic lines and Mifune screaming bloody murder in the pilot’s seat. There’s even a tiny sketch of actor Toshiro Mifune, the character’s inspiration, above his head. The price point is a pleasant surprise. Much less complicated toys of the same size sometimes retail for $75 or more, but Capt. Mifune is priced to move at $24.99. Though it posts a stunning 40 points of articulation, it’s not very poseable, much like the lumbering behemoths of the movie itself. What you get are arms and legs with many hinges and joints to go through the same 20 degrees of motion. More disturbing is the model’s lack of durability. This is definitely not meant to be played with, as the tiny joins and pressure points tend to snap if tugged in the wrong way. Nonetheless, Capt. Mifune is an excellent addition to the collection of anyone interested in The Matrix, robots or just having cool-looking stuff on their shelf. Myself, I have Mifune battling it out with Snake Plissken and Solid Snake (also McFarlane concoctions) above my desk. Capt. Mifune is available at a wide variety of toy outlets, including Meijer, Electronics Boutique and Toys R Us.

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