Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical 


Three stars

Theatre on the Square; directed by Ron Spencer

While Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical appealed more to those in the audience who had lived through many of the situations depicted, as one on the cusp of mid-life, I still found the show often charming. The ensemble cast of Bill Book, Nathalie Cruz, Darrin Gowan, Catherine Vaughn Mobley (a veteran of Menopause The Musical), Cindy Phillips and Dave Ruark, under the direction of Ron Spencer, explores such life-altering changes as the shriek of your biological clock, fatherhood Tourette’s syndrome, the frightening side effects of prescription medications and the singing mammogram. The tone of the scenes fluctuates from comedic (a great 30-year-reunion scene is reminiscent of “Cell Block Tango” from Chicago) to almost poignant (dealing with parents with Alzheimer’s) to hilarious (a basketball game in outfits you never wanted to see — think fat rolls, black knee socks and bling). The theater itself looks great after massive amounts of work over the summer. Audience members will notice the new seats and added leg room the most, which make for a much comfier atmosphere. Through Nov. 25; 317-685-TOTS.


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