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Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here. If I didn't know about the threshing accident, I never would have guessed — you look terrific.

Make yourself at home. We're still opening boxes — where's that animated gif of a bulldozer and the flashing "Under Construction" sign?

It's nice having a clean, well-lighted space to live these days. Sure, the death metal dungeon was fun and all, but it was kind of hard to get around.

It's funny, because even on our move-in day, we've got more unpacked now than we ever did in previous homes. We were keeping all our old papers in a storage space on the outskirts of town, somewhere in Avon, I think. But we've got a little more space now, so you can find everything back to around 2000. That's appropriate, since we're celebrating our 20th anniversary today, and we think that someone might want to rummage through the archives a little. There's still some flotsam around, and undoubtedly jetsam too, but just do a search for whatever you like, and you're bound to find something interesting from our many years of service.

Not that we want to spend too much time in those musty papers. We're heading onward and upward with regular contributors to the music blog: Rob Nichols, whose roots rock blog posts you've probably seen around the last site; Nick Selm, the basement club proprietor and punk critic; and Danielle Look, a gal about town who'll cover an eclectic realm of local music. That's not to mention yours truly, America's alt-weekly sweetheart, as well as a couple new guys contributing to our nightlife coverage — Alex Edgecomb (aka DJ Cool Hand Lex) and Rudy Kizer (he of X103 fame). And less regular but no less valuable contributions from old friends like Nora Spitznogle.

If you're poking around, you might have a gander at our new calendar, which is super-powerful (search by band, genre, neighborhood, venue, day, etc), super-clean and which is populated into the summer with shows both essential and superfluous.

So, feel free to let me know if we're missing anything. And I hope to see you at this Friday's party at Talbott Street. The Rev'll be there, and the Leisure Kings; even the Lord of the Yum-Yum.

And because the 20th issue (glossy! 112 pages!) offers plenty in the way of mission statements and retrospection, I'll simply note that I hope this new website will become a more useful tool for local musicians and fans than our previous web incarnations, and will become a more dependable stream of information and criticism (while, of course, still remaining connected to the past through our archives and offering thoughtful chunks of good writing with more substance than your average blog post).

If you're so inclined, make yourself a profile, and look for a band database — allowing musicians to upload music, photos, concert info and sundry information — in the near future.

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