'Mercenaries 2: World in Flames' 

It's like Grand Theft Auto, but with fewer hookers and more ammunition. Mercenaries 2 provides hours of dumb fun, but the hours could be cut in half were it not for lengthy load times, dull cross-country travels to get from one mission to the next and intermittent glitches. It does the bare minimum that a sequel should do: It offers more of the same goodness, with new maps and enemies (this time, players get to unleash the fury of hell upon Big Oil). Yet it does not offer much more than the original in regard to firepower or fluidity. The open-environment, third-person shooter is set in a fictitious, war-torn Venezuela, as you cash in on various deadly endeavors by hijacking helicopters, calling in earthshaking air-strikes, leveling enemy outposts and unleashing apocalyptic devastation with weapons of mass destruction. The series' unmatched feature is its finely detailed, seamless, massive explosions, which frustratingly require an hour or two of busywork to earn; you have to collect enough cash and make enough contacts around the country in order to start abusing the absolute power. However, it is well worth the wait when you call in a $4 million cluster bomb strike on a single, unsuspecting enemy as he meanders carelessly in the distance. Get comfortable, if you sit down with this one -- the expansive map, infinite customizable weapons cache and seemingly endless optional skirmishes for power, money and pride make this game vast in both size and overall game-play. Unfortunately, the load screens cut up the action like the last two minutes of an NFL game.

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