Mathis: "I have no regrets at all" 

  • Courtesy: NFL/Indianapolis Colts

Indianapolis Colt's linebacker Robert Mathis told the Indy Star's Bob Kravitz that he has "no regrets" in regard to taking the fertility drug Clomid that earned him a four-game suspension from the NFL, but helped bring his first daughter Brielle Mathis into the world.

"I apologized for the professional side of it but from a personal side, I have no regrets at all," Mathis said Wednesday at training camp. "I look at my baby's face in my phone every day, and I have no regrets."

Mathis, who had a career-high 19.5 sacks last season has maintained the stance that he took the fertility drug to help give his mother another grandchild while she is battling cancer.

"I know how people are going to react, what they're going to say, especially coming off a season like last year," he said. "It's human nature. So I opened my medical records and let them see it. I opened my wife's and they've seen it all. I can only control what I can. I did what I had to do."

Despite the suspicions about his record production last year, Mathis said the support he has received from fans has helped him feel better about the situation.

"The support that I've gotten, and I'm still getting it. It's overwhelming. Going through this, it makes me feel better about giving up my knees, giving up my shoulders, all the surgeries, all the things you have to sacrifice body wise for this game," Mathis told Kravitz. "I don't regret a day of it."

Mathis has admitted he made a mistake by not checking with the NFL before taking the substance, but says his daughter is worth more than the four games.

"The timing was wrong," Mathis said. "I cost my team on a professional level. On a personal level, though, I have a lifetime worth of smiles. God works in mysterious ways."


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