Mary Lou Dooley Waller: In the Balance 

Three stars

Looking at abstract art is sometimes like looking up at the clouds: To you a particular cloud might look like an antelope, but to another it might look like a Volkswagen Beetle. Your own way of looking at the world matters in the appreciation of such work. In the paintings and collages of Mary Lou Dooley Waller, there is an implicit understanding of this interpretive process. In her oil on canvas painting “Blue Release,” the title refers to a fireworks-like burst of blue in the foreground. The detailing of this burst is precise, with white smoke-like wisps rising upward. This painting gives the viewer the latitude to come to his/her own conclusions about the nature of said release, while in “Astronomical Event,” a reddish-orange explosion breeds precise shapes, as if forming characters in the language of the stars. It is a supernova, perhaps, seen against the backdrop of a terrestrial sky. Or not. Through Nov. 29; 317-634-3114, 


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