Margot and the Nuclear So & So's, 

With Everything, Now!, Jorma & the Movie Bare
The Irving Theater
Saturday, Aug. 11

Sometimes, legendary events happen without us realizing it. We might attend a concert, for instance, and not really fathom the impact. After all, it’s just music, right?

This past weekend, three of Indy’s most celebrated bands played an all-ages show at the Irving Theater, which re-opened its doors last year. The night began with Jorma and the Movie Bare performing songs from Marmoset’s new album, Florist Fired, as well as tracks from Jorma’s 4-year-old solo record, released on Secretly Canadian. Jorma joked about “how cold the venue was” as the crowd was no doubt sweating from merely standing. The giant fans at the front of the stage were not enough, but promoter/owner Andy Skinner assures that air conditioning is the next step in renovating the 1913 nickelodeon.

Everything, Now! emerged as a four-piece in the room of sweaty people. If you weren’t already aware, it’s rare to see the same E,N! lineup from show to show. This time, they picked up Eric “Doog” Sherman of the late … Revel in the Morning on bass. Singer Crafty and synth extraordinaire Drew DeBoy remain original members, with Dan on drums. They played much of their new material but not much of their old.

And then came Margot. I feel like so much has already been said about the Nukes, yet not enough at the same time. They’re truly a captivating band with amazing arrangements of instruments. Richard and Emily’s vocals on top of eerie string arrangements and Casey’s amazing energy create Indy’s favorite hometown band.

Unfortunately, the band recently posted on their MySpace page that they’re hoping to move out East, closer to New York. This comes as a surprise to most — Indy loves them; how could they leave us? It’s understandable though. Old adage says there’s more support out there for them.

Speaking of history, there’s one more reason besides the lineup that made this gig legendary: It was an all-ages show in Indiana during which those of legal drinking age could buy beer or wine. Normally this doesn’t happen around here because of state law not allowing those under 21 into bars. If our laws matched those of Ohio and Illinois, those 18 and over would be allowed into alcohol-serving venues (where most local concerts take place) that choose to allow it and keep track of who are legal to drink. Indy’s music scene would thrive. This show was a milestone.

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